How to use QueryDSL with JPA, Gradle and IDEA

QueryDSL is cool Database Query DSL for Java. I will recommend you to check it if you still don't know what is it. But there are not so much information on how to use it with Gradle. Also, it's not so clear about Intellij IDEA integration. With this article I would like to point you on querydsl-apt and Java annotations processors discovery.


Spring Boot's fat jars vs. Docker

I love Spring Boot. I really do. But I'm also do love Docker. And combination of them makes me really happy panda developer. But one of the most coolest things about Spring Boot - fat jars - anti-pattern in Docker world, where images should be layered. Can we solve this? Heck yeah!


Building Microservices with Spring Boot and Apache Thrift. Part 3. Asynchronous services

Have you thought about making your server asynchronous? How much time your server spent in database calls? External service calls? New shiny database library now supports asynchronous queries? It's time to processing requests in an async manner! And it's super easy with Facebook Swift!


Building Microservices with Spring Boot and Apache Thrift. Part 2. Swifty services

In previous article I showed you how to use pure Apache Thrift to create protocols for your services. This time I will explain how to use Facebook Swift (not the best name for project BTW :)) to get rid of Thrift IDL files for server code.